Tour de Taps – bikes, beers and FUN!

A little grey sky in the distance did not lessen the level of enthusiasm on a recent Tour de Taps womens bike to brewery tour.  They had their jackets in newly donned “schwag bags” and were ready to roll . . .and taste!  New territory to some, while others had heard of the trail, LODO trail offered a safe place for conversationally paced riding while experimenting with shifting gears and group riding etiquette.  Who jumps forward when a cyclist is approaching?  Who falls back?  And why?  Why are my legs spinning so fast – I’m tired, but not sure which way to shift my gears.  The questions were plentiful and the responses succinct and thorough.

The ladies arrived at Avery on one group.  Ominous clouds hung overhead, but the munchies (nachos, included in the price) were plentiful and complemented the variety of tastes of liquids on the table.  “Sours” seemed to be the theme of the day, and fortunately, were available in 4 oz pours.  This was only the beginning.  10 miles on the legs with two more breweries, another 10 to ride and winds from the black clouds picking up, the ladies re-mounted their saddles, each feeling accomplished and determined.

As I lead the group back to the trail, I heard giggling behind me and a small yelp. One of the ladies had gone down.  Fortunately, directly into a large and elevated pile of dirt in preparation for landscaping.  Another lady stopped to help and they both laughed.  The issue?  Calibrating the heart rate monitor/calorie counter to ensure every droplet is burned.  Maybe I should incorporate a “quick stop” into the course to do such things. Once she was back on the bike and everyone ready I go, I joked that no more 17% alcohol beers were allowed until the end of the ride!

Our 2-3 mile ride to Vindication was otherwise uneventful and short, thanks to my pre-arranged cooperation with the skies above to provide us with tailwinds!  Vindication welcomed us with deLISH samples and many rich coffee and chocolate stouts and porters that appealed to all of us!  We shared tasters and stories, getting to know one another on and off the bikes!

My designated leader proved pretty quickly to be navigationally challenged in getting across (trail) crosswalks and able to see the trail on the other side.  We all laughed as she continually lead us astray.  I honestly think she was wanting to get more miles into the ride.  I understand ;-).

Last stop Tasty Weasel in Longmont, and we arrived . . . dry, with only the threat of the skies opening up.  A little tired, a  little full, upon my insistence, we had to celebrate the end with dessert – Death by Coconut is a dessert beer in and of itself – add my home made chocolate chip cookies and it became decadence and our table of FUN ladies (with chocolate chip cookies and in bike gear) were attracting the men.  Music played and dogs wandered in search of peanuts and attention.  A great Tour de Taps – look forward to seeing you on an afternoon of bikes and beers soon!

For more information about Tour de Taps, offered by, go to  We’re even inviting the GUYS to join us once a month!

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