Taste of TAS and Day Off the Bike


The weather calmed today for the first day since my arrival and first day off the bike. No excessive winds, rain or cold to contend with. Only . . . tastes from this amazing island! Started with the tour of the whole place – salivating at the many fresh berries, mouth watering beers (too early, even if my body clock is still somewhat on CO time), and incredible indulgences of local seafood and ethnic delicacies. While touring the microbreweries and tasting the many varieties, I settled on salmon sausage sandwich as an appetizer. okay, not really, but figured I could jusitfy it as I rode three 100 centuries (admittedly metric) to arrive here in time. Between them, I tasted the many ciders. Prices are a bit cost prohibitive. When I discovered that the local beers (actually, upon tasting them, they are the
coors” of tassie) were $5.00+, I opted to switch to cider. Now that I
ve discovered the amazing refreshing tastes of cider, they, like the microbrews, are aboput $7.00/bottle, at the store or at a bar. Maybe this is the vaca to start drinking wine. Or WATER!!

Followed the cider and salmon sausage with a persian chicken wrap and a 100% raspberry smoothie and some fun performances by the auusie buskers. A nice reprieve from so many hours in the saddle. Tomorrow is museum day – meant to be cold and rainy, so will spend the day at the MONA. http://www.thetasteoftasmania.com.au/guide/stalls/?page=4

Do check out my “other” blog, www.pinkpedals.wordpress.com
Also, the MONA, http://www.mona.net.au/visit

more to come . . . finally in a city with reliable WIFI access, where as my first three days had little to none. message me back – ask questions and feel free to comment!

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