Stage One: Enroute to SFO


Stage 1: the journey begins. 3:00 am wake up to do last minute tasks: dishes in the sink, write down phone numbers and attempt to figure out my new technology. I splurged yesterday and bought myself a mini ipad, which i comically refer to as minipad. wasn’t able to access my website or blog, but that will come with time and lessons from – maybe even from my tech savvy 2 year old neice Carina whom I am en route to visit right now. Otherwise, no laptop, no cell phones. Just a mind open to adventure and experience and a body that is exhausted and can’t wait to spend some serious time in the saddle.

Inspiration for this short and sweet entry: watching cross country (USA) journey on the airplane tv of a man who rides a tandem that is recumbant captain position as he meanders and takes people with various disabilities throughout his journey, providing them the opportunity to pedal, taking in smells, sights and experiences that never would they be able to do on their own. SO inspiring. From sufferers of MS to Parkinsons to severe retardation and more. Humbling. Inspiring. Maybe an idea for my net journey . . . .


  1. Marci McQueen says

    Jeff and I were just wondering where you might be by now, Lauren! I believe you stopped in SFO, then headed south? I’ll bet you’re on your way to Tasmania!

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