So Many Bikes, So Little Time . . .

Which bike to take?  Sounds crazy from the woman who will not reveal the number of bicycles, frames or even wheels to the many askers (“surely, you must have one for every day of the week,”) but this adventure requires a different type of ride.  The long hours in the saddle, complete with 40 pounds of crap (really, do I need 5 skirts?  someone please set me straight) and a computer?  Do I break down and get one of those mini pads to save the weight?

So, admittedly, I had a lotus built up specifically for the Tassie adventure.  It was less than a mile into the first (’round town commuting) ride that I was out of the saddle making adjustments.  10 miles, at least four adjustments later, it still wasn’t working for me.  Handlebars weren’t working for me.  Plan B.  Search craisglist.  Search Lauren’s garage.  Nothing.  Call Aussie bike shops.  Done.

It’s gotta be just right.  Fit like a glove.  Just like all my other rides.  I have to get out of the saddle after 6 hours and be PSYCHED to get back into the saddle the next day.  Kind of like a pair of danskos.  On my feet 12+ hours, and can’t wait to put them back on the next day.  Get it?

Took Dotty (seen right) to Gary.  “No way,” he told me, “she’s screaming “steal me.”  You need something not quite so cool.  Damn.  Plan C.  or are we up to P.  Or maybe S.  Go with the Surly long haul trucker.  Best rated touring bike.  Reasonably priced.  Double there what it is here.  So, I could buy it here, sell it there.  And maybe even get a minute of saddle time before I leave next Wednesday.  But wait – Surly makes everything but a 48 cm.  Will I ride Tassie?  Or just eat and roll tassie?  That is the question.  stay tuned . . .
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