Bicycle Education for Adults & Kids

Bike education? I can balance on two wheels. . . what else do I need?

For Adults
Are you afraid to ride co-existing with cars traveling at 65+ mph? Unsure of how to maneuver a left hand turn on the bike? You’re not alone. There are routes that you can select to minimize fear, and places that you are safest on the road to ensure visibility and safety while improving cycling skills. Learn the signs, best practices, best positioning on the road, and to feel confident in all situations. Riding predictably increases and improves confidence in the saddle.

For Kids
With all of the lessons and programs available to kids, it surprises me how many kids are allowed to ride in the streets and on sidewalks with no training or knowledge any more than balancing on two wheels. Once kids start to ride, there are places and ways that parents can suggest that they ride most safely, gaining bike handling skills and increasing knowledge to later co-exist with cars. Kids classes and rodeos concentrate on skills for the kids, introducing them to rules of the road/path, and riding predictably. “Family” classes focus on riding with your children – keeping them motivated, where to ride, be seen and how to ride with them. Introduce them to a lifelong habit!

Private Instructions
Private and small group lessons are available on a sliding scale. Kid ready to graduate from training wheels but not sure how to do it? Let me help! Dusting off your bike for the first time in decades and not sure what is needed or where to go? I’d be happy to take a look.

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