Services, Classes & Education

Ready to Ride?

PinkPedals offers bicycle consulting in safe routes to school, route design for events, educational classes and programs, bike shares, personalized tours, and more! Get the details below on one (or all) of the awesome services PinkPedals has to offer!

Bicycle Education for Adults and Kids:

If you are interested in learning or relearning to ride, or in getting your kids ride-to-school ready, PinkPedals is here to help!

Cycling Classes:

There’s nothing like learning hands-on! Master best practices, road safety, and gain confidence by hitting the road with pinkpedals. Classes are available for adults and kids!

Route Design:

With knowledge of just about every route in the area, PinkPedals can help design a bike route for your next event! Whether it is a race, an event for charity, kids ride, farm tour, a public art tour or a trip with friends to some local brewpubs, pinkpedals can get you there.

Family bikes! Where to ride with the kids?  How to ride with the kids?  Street?  Sidewalk?  Greenways?  Keeping their energy up to make it home.  Geared toward parents with children 2-8 years old. dates coming soon!

“I want to ride my bicycle.” (Queen). Kids just want to ride their bikes.  But they need to learn the rules, where to ride and how to do so safely.  Parents join their kiddos for the first 30 minutes of this class for kids 8-12 years old.  Then, parents may take off while kids learn in the presence of their peers – where to ride, how to ride, choosing a route to school (or elsewhere), locking up the bike, etc.  Will end in a one hour ride.  Three hours.  Dates, times and location forthcoming.

Roadside mechanics – You don the tire fix-it kit under your saddle, but what happens if you really get a flat and need to use it?  learn (and HANDS ON experience before you need it!) to fix a flat as well as some of the most basic and easy roadside maintenance to boost your cycle confidence and get you home safely!  90 minutes.  $20.00

House call: Not sure whether the bike is rideable – even to the shop?  Have flats that you’re not sure whether they just need air or a full fix?  Starting at $25.00, I will come to your house, pump up your tires, evaluate your bike for safe ride-ability and point you in the right direction.  If we determine that it is truly unrideable, I can even provide transport to the bike shop!

Private lessons Whether you didn’t learn to ride as a child, your own child needs some guidance or whether you just feel “wobbly” and unsure on the bike, I’m happy to work with you on your individual challenges, concerns or goals.  Starting at just $50.00 per hour.

Gold saddle goals: We all want to achieve our personal goals with success.  Whether you will be participating in your first triathlon, riding your first ride in a large group, or have your sights on a century, we will go over barriers that arise, how to overcome them, setting yourself up for success and achieving your own personal GOLD!  A two hour workshop.  No bikes required.

CAMP!! Ladies, time to leave the kids, the dishes, the laundry and the email behind and have a weekend retreat all for yourself!  Five star accommodations and five star activities, including bike rides (all levels, both road and mountain bike options), hikes, stand up paddle boarding, nail painting, yoga, massage (extra), puzzles, movies, wine, girl talk and much more!  Space is limited for this Summit County retreat.  Breakfast and dinners included, with only the freshest local foods, prepared as you like them (dinners will be family style).  Bring a friend or make one there.  Prices start at $250.00.  Contact for more detailed information or to reserve your place.

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