Road to Ross

It was another full day in the saddle. 6-7 hours from Launceston to Ross. Mostly on C roads. What the hell are C roads, you might ask? Not sure that my traffic engineer friends would concur with my offical definition, but mine would be that within any given mile there are more cows, sheep or goats than the entire length of road may see in cars in a year. SERIOUSLY. And a bike? I scared the begeezus out of every single one of them (okay, maybe 5 cows total did not run). So, lovely day on the road, only encountering maybe 10 cars within a 60 mile stretch. Wow. couldn’t ask for bettter conditions, huh?

So, the bummer with that? All of the fruit stands that I read about are actually located on the main highway. As are any opportunity to purchase or find provisions. I did take the opportunity twice to meander off my path to adorable little towns to feed my hearty appetite.

Otherwise, roads are good, smooth (except for the 5 or so miles where this was taken) and direct. Not much opportunity to get lost as there is only one intersection about every 10 miles.image

So, as I was stopped to take this photo, i was swarmed by little bugs – EVERYWHERE. yuck! Don’t┬áthink they had ever encountered a human before!

Staying at the Man O ross hotel tonight in this quaint and historical little town. Not sure where i may be heading tomorrow – wifi access is extremely sketchy – some places dont have it; others claim to but ??? ready for beach or city soon . . . enough cows – to moo at as i go by and to eat (yes, I even ate fresh organic beef a couple of nights in a row – ad it was great!)

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