Los Angeles – sans voiture!


Look at the descent we had in front of us . . . yikes.


this is literally taking a break from the jarring/hairy descent to let the brakes cool down and my hands relax . . . .

DSCN2507One of my airbnb hosts a couple of months ago (Grand aire (?) MI) asked whether I had a travel blog. It never occurred to me to blog if I’m not biking. Who CARES? But the more I thought about it, the more UNIQUE my mode(s) of travel are. I only consider it a vacation if I don’t have to get in a car, and think nothing of exploring public transit options in various cities. I saved $54.00 on Thursday (Super Shuttle) by taking the LA transit system. It cost me $3.75 and $2.00 was an “investment” in the TAP card. So really $1.75. It took 2.5 hours and during breaks I got to sit out in the fresh air, and walk a mile! Save money, get some walking in, be able to carry everything on your back. Sure . . . I’ll do a blog!


So . . . packing.

Traveling on a budget (less money spent getting there means more money for things like great wining and dining experiences).

Navigating the public transit system.

Finding the cool places to stay – within walking distance.


Oh – and wtf am I doing in LA, anyway?

Phil’s Gran Fondo.  And Sonali.  Ride bikes.  Meet the new niece.

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