Kanga-roo Day on the Kanga-roo Baix

out my cottage window during dinner!

out my cottage window during dinner!

What a day it was as I headed over to bruny island. Totally
the place” – only bummed that I dont have more time there. So, I get to the ferry around 10:00 after checking out of the Mac Shack (story and photos to come); ferry is leaving “on demand,” I
m told, rather than on schedule. Excited to meet and chat with Liz, the only female cyclist I have seen except for a few commuters in Melbourne, we’re chatting away as cars are loading onto the boat. When we get up to finally get on board . . . whoops – guess our chatting was too intense – we missed the damn ferry! Just have to laugh when you’re on vaca, I guess!

Bruny was stunning. Gorgeous. Riding, beaches, weather, everything. I did a brief stop at the cheese factory, quick run in at the chocky stand, visited with Stephan, a cyclist Canadien whom I met yesterday, and decided that I had to make it all the way to Adventure Bay where I’d try to connect with Allie after several attempts. The beaches are inviting, gorgeous and plentiful.

Bummer is that wifi is rare, and even when I have it it is not always reliable. I will continue to update as I can.w iht photos as well.


  1. Cindy McIntosh says

    Hey Lauren,

    Been thinking about you. We miss you around here. Hope you’re having the time of your life. Safe travels!

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