day 3 in Hobart. wow. cool city of approximately 203,000. my wish list was first and foremost (my reason for 3x 100Ks in a row) The Taste – the food and beverage festival; the public art, especially the bike racks, the Salamanca Saturday market, the MONA, Cascade brewery and climbing Mt. Wellington – didn’t matter how I got to the top, as long as I arrived there (by human power).image
my daily walk into/out of town depicts the many stairs/steep hills that surround and make up the city of Hobart. 39 steps here.

The MONA was unlike any other museum experience that I
ve ever had – and certainly much different than my normal daily museum experiences! I balked at the ridiculous $20 (return) ferry ride to get there, as winds were excessively high that day so I had left my bike at home. While they do have bikes available, the price was $20 – whether I used my own pedal power (their bikes), took the MOO boat, or travelled in the more traditional coach fashion. the ferry was part of the experience, and I justified it as such. Never before had I been on a ferry that offered sheep seats and cows, not to mention, MOO bevs (and I’m not referring to what I put in my coffee!). http://moobrew.com.au/the-brewery

For those of you who want to hear more, upon my return I
m happy to share with you my tour – documented by my personal website acess to the museum that shows exactly what exhibits/artwork I saw, my path around the museum, what I inquired about re: more info., and even whether I “loved or hated” the work. OMG. Did the little device know that I was a rookie – had never in my life navigated my way through an i-phone before??

image. this particular work of art was fascinating and mysterious all at once, as were so many in the museum. The words formed are emited from a fountain and it’s all wwwwwwwwwwww

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