Cygnet Folk Festival – TAS

First, just to explain myself (if you didnt’ happen to read challenges) I can’t figure out where my posts go when I post a “post rather than a page. So some have apparently vanished . . . ugh.

Had a most beautiful ride today from Kettering to Cygnet, where I will be volunteering for the folk festival tomorrow. Cutest listtle town – reminds me of a larger Lyons, but by the bay rather than the mountains. Super hippie dippies there (at least for this weekend). A bit surpirsed when I was asked for a $115.. (cahs) deposit to volunteer. hmmm . . . . but was assured it back after my shift.

So the ride. No photos to share today. Any photos would not have done any justice. The panoramic vies. The roads. The very few cars that passed me. The hills. The smells. It was absolutely amazing, and too good to put into a little minipad. As I road through treed forests, I had constant sea/bay views to my left – followed by mountains in the background – Bruny Island, even, I think, if my geography is correct?!?

Stopped at the GrandvEWE sheep milk farm where I endured the 1K dirt climb just to taste some cheese. Had opted out of the “long driveway” of dirt just kilometers before, but the sheep farm was reputed to be fabulous. I made the climb. In the big ring, no less ;-). Bought some amazing cheese to give to me hosts for the nezt couple of nights.

Did the check in thing at the folk fest and turned down yet another ride to my hosts’ home. So nice – everyone has offered me rides everywhere, but they just don’t know me. I did, I admit, succomb to his offer to take all of my gear for the final 6Ks. About 50 Ks today -all gorgeous though, so barely noticed the climbs. lol. The hills in this state are ridiculous.

Hosts are fabulous – Ian and Anne from Scotland. Enjoyed having vino, pizza and gun talk with them.

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