The hills are short and incredible steep. The weather has presented the opportunity to wear ALL of the clothes that I brought all at once. Some days have been long – three 100k+ days in a row (with all of those clothes and raingear). And finding places to stay each night is sometimes not so easy with the outrageous costs here. My personal greatest challenge, however, has been figuring out this damn blog thing. So I appreciate the patience of those who are reading it I
m really trying. That and, my purpose was not to seek out wifi, but to
just blog” each day/night. Sometimes not an option – for days!!!

The weather has turned for the better – FINALLY having to use the $13.00 sunscreen that I purchased in Melbourne. Being at the beach and along the water has provided a huge attitude adjustment.

I keep focusing on Bruny – justbecuase it was SO what I was looking for on this journey.

another day in the saddle

another day in the saddle

AND, as a result have planned the rest of my adventure accordingly, hugging beach and coastal roads throughout the rest of my trip, taking time for R & R, reading, writing and maybe, if I can find some wifi, some blogging as well.

Today, I head to the southmost part of Tassie, riding the coast line to Eggs and Bacon Bay (seriously) before heading inland to the Cygnet Folk Festival where I will volunteer all day tomorrow while staying with Ian & his wife as well as some of the artists/performers at the festival. ;-). more photos to come.

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