I Reckon I Can See Antarctica

Guess I should put some quotes on that, huh? I did get pretty far south on bruny island - second day in a row. I believe it s the closest place to antarctica, no? Finally feels like summer here - Read More

Road to Ross

It was another full day in the saddle. 6-7 hours from Launceston to Ross. Mostly on C roads. What the hell are C roads, you might ask? Not sure that my traffic engineer friends would concur with my Read More


The hills are short and incredible steep. The weather has presented the opportunity to wear ALL of the clothes that I brought all at once. Some days have been long - three 100k+ days in a row (with Read More

Cygnet Folk Festival – TAS

First, just to explain myself (if you didnt' happen to read challenges) I can't figure out where my posts go when I post a "post rather than a page. So some have apparently vanished . . . ugh. Had Read More

Kanga-roo Day on the Kanga-roo Baix

out my cottage window during dinner!

What a day it was as I headed over to bruny island. Totally the place" - only bummed that I dont have more time there. So, I get to the ferry around 10:00 after checking out of the Mac Shack (story Read More



day 3 in Hobart. wow. cool city of approximately 203,000. my wish list was first and foremost (my reason for 3x 100Ks in a row) The Taste - the food and beverage festival; the public art, especially Read More