Kanga-roo Day on the Kanga-roo Baix

out my cottage window during dinner!

What a day it was as I headed over to bruny island. Totally the place" - only bummed that I dont have more time there. So, I get to the ferry around 10:00 after checking out of the Mac Shack (story and photos to come); ferry is leaving "on demand," I m told, rather than on schedule. Excited to meet Read More



day 3 in Hobart. wow. cool city of approximately 203,000. my wish list was first and foremost (my reason for 3x 100Ks in a row) The Taste - the food and beverage festival; the public art, especially the bike racks, the Salamanca Saturday market, the MONA, Cascade brewery and climbing Mt. Wellington Read More

Taste of TAS and Day Off the Bike


The weather calmed today for the first day since my arrival and first day off the bike. No excessive winds, rain or cold to contend with. Only . . . tastes from this amazing island! Started with the tour of the whole place - salivating at the many fresh berries, mouth watering beers (too early, even Read More

Stage One: Enroute to SFO


Stage 1: the journey begins. 3:00 am wake up to do last minute tasks: dishes in the sink, write down phone numbers and attempt to figure out my new technology. I splurged yesterday and bought myself a mini ipad, which i comically refer to as minipad. wasn't able to access my website or blog, but Read More

Blog Link

So, being a bit challenged in the website department, I guess that my blog is not directly linked to my website.  If you're here to keep track of my during my travels in Tassie, please visit pinkpedals and pretzels.com.  I think.  And if you help me connect, I will supply you with a lifetime supply Read More